Ode to Triangle Crayons

I’m sure all of those people out there that aren’t parents are rolling their eyes and probably not going to read much further, but for those of you that are, read on.

You all probably know the misery of the round crayon.  I mean, who on earth thought it was a good idea to create a children’s product that is to be used on flat surfaces AND ROLLS. 

Why is rolling so bad?  I want you to go take something round, anything round, set it on a table then watch it roll off and pick it up over and over and over and over.  Now continue this for about an hour or so, and eat dinner during the process.  Oh, and mediate a few toddler fights, run to the bathroom at least once, and dodge any flying food, all while guarding your beer with your life so that it doesn’t get toppled by tiny hands.

Now, I introduce the triangle crayon. 


I did not know this was a thing until recently, and for those of you who still don’t know this is a thing, THIS IS A THING!  We have run into these at only a handful of restaurants in all our travels and I don’t know why???  Is it more expensive to make a crayon that is shaped like a triangle instead of a circle??  Is the crayon business so overpowered by one company that no one dares takes on their original design?!  I DON’T KNOW.  Should I start a company that only manufactures non rolling triangle shaped crayons??  Maybe one day…All I do know is that when my children are provided with these magical, stay put entertainment devices, they don’t need me nearly as much.  Sure I still have to referee fights, bathroom run, and cut things into pieces that are obviously the wrong shape/size and must be recut 5 times, but I don’t have to continuously get out of my chair and pick up coloring devices repeatedly.

Restaurants, please hear my cry!  These exist!  Find them, stock them, people will come to you just for this reason!  (at least I would)

I must confess…when these are available at a restaurant, I ask for an extra set for the baby (who obviously can’t color) and I keep them in my bag for use at places that have round crayons, or worse, no crayons. This is a whole other topic: things I take from restaurants….don’t judge, they want me to have these things or they wouldn’t put their name on them.

Love Letter


Love Letter to the Little Red Chair

There is so much stuff for kids, so much, way too much.  I confess that we own most everything…mostly sleep related stuff because my first child refused to sleep for like THREE YEARS!!  but that’s a story for another day.  Today we talk about this magical (I love that word) red chair.  It doesn’t only come in red, that just happens to be the color that I own because I love red.  This type of chair comes in many different brands, the one I own is the Inglesina Fast Table Chair, so I can only speak for that specific one, although I’m guessing they are all pretty similar.  I got this chair as a hand me down from my SIL and thought it was cute but wasn't sure if I would actually use it.  I mean, I own a high chair, why do I need another one that just hangs from a counter or table?  Then I discovered ALL THE POSSIBILITIES.  This chair travels everywhere.  It can go to any restaurant and connect to any table.  So all those places that don’t have high chairs available, or those fabulous outdoor spots that only have picnic tables or high tops…solution.  But it gets better!  Even if there are high chairs available they require a decent amount of space.  This little buddy can hook onto a table right over a booth seat so you don’t need high chair space.  It can also snuggle between two larger people in real chairs on a smaller table.  But wait, THERE'S MORE! This chair sits higher than a traditional high chair.  So for the littlest people, it holds them at an actual eating and/or interacting level at a table.  If any of you have ever thrown a one year old in a traditional restaurant high chair, you have probably noticed that they can barely even reach the table.  When our babies are super little, like 4 months little, we put them in this magic chair and just shove a jacket, snack bag, or whatever softish object is traveling in my diaper bag, behind the kid and it helps them sit up at the table like a big kid.  

I seriously cannot sing this chair’s praises enough.  I encourage every pregnant person to register for one and every new parent to run out and buy one.  Without this chair our BeersWithKids travels would absolutely not be possible.  

This blog is sponsored by…except I’m not sponsored.  How about, this website made possible by, but not funded by, the fantastic Inglesina chair!!